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  • omplete review of mail pluggable functions (wp_mail included + bug fixed)
  • adding a List-Unsubscribe add-on trying to comply with rfc2369, rfc8058 & friends
  • Newsletter schedulers & processors reviewed, use of wp_date()
  • settings reviewed to comply with wp settings look and feel
  • logging reviewed
  • Swiftmailer 6.3.0 (with specific smtputf8 encoding support)
  • Bugs fixed
    • bug in csv and excel importers (when mailinglist not active)
    • fixing bug in form field type
    • fixing minor bug in bounce management
    • several cosmetic changes (mainly code comments and css)
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Reviewing code around newsletters

Just to post a few pictures about the last code review i made on schedulers and processors.
What is right under test for now (MailPress development version and also running on mailpress.org) is having a day scheduler and processor that woul

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